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Online Advance Excel and MIS Reporting with VBA Macros

Course Details

Course Duration: 80 – 95 HRS with Highly Skilled Corporate Trainers for 3 Modules Delivery Method:

  • Web / Desktop Base

  • Instructor-Led Online Classroom Sessions,

  • Presentations/Demonstration/Practical of Concepts.

  • Handouts/Assignments/Real-time Exposure to Work on Clients

NOTE: Classes Are Also Available On Module Basis

Module 1 – Basic & Advance Excel Objective:

What is Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a general purpose electronic spreadsheet to use to organize, calculate, and analyze data. The task you can complete with Excel ranges from preparing a simple family budget, preparing a purchase order, create an elaborate graph/chart, or managing a complex accounting ledger for a medium size business

Provide Basic/Advanced Understanding of Excel, make user familiar to create formula and give platform to make good analysis and introduce Powerful tools of advance excel so that user can make advance analysis with the help of those tools.

  • Introduction to Excel, Basic Understanding Menu and Toolbar, Introduction to different category of functions like Basics, Mathematical and Statistical, Date and Time, Logical, Lookup and References, Text and Information.

  • Lookup & Reference Functions:-

VLookup, HLookup, Index, Match, Offset, Indirect, Address, Column, Columns, Row, Rows, Choose, Arrays Concept In Lookup Formula’s

  • Mathematical Functions:-

Sum, Sumif, Sumifs, Count, Counta, Countblank, Countif, Countifs, Average, Averagea, Averageif, Averageifs, Subtotal,

Aggregate, Rand, Randbetween, Roundup, Rounddown, Round, Sumproduct

  • Text Functions:-

Char, Clean, Code, Concatenate, Find, Search, Substitute, Replace, Len, Right, Left, Mid, Lower, Upper, Proper, Text, Trim, Value

  • Date & Time Function:-

Date, Day, Month, Year, Edate, Eomonth, Networkdays, Workday, Weeknum, Weekday, Hour, Minute, Second, Now, Today, Time

  • Logical Functions:-

And, Or, If, Iferror, Not, Nested If

  • Other Functions:-

Isna, Isblank, Iserr, Iseven, Isodd, Islogical, Isytext, Max, Min

  • Data Collection Method With Data Quality, Collaboration & Security Like Share Your Workbook On Share Drive With Quality

  • Single/Multidimensional Analysis, Like Three Dimensional (3D) Tables

  • Advanced Chart Technique, How To Make Dynamic Charts, Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Scatter Chart, Line Chart, Column Chart,  Speedometer Chart, Gantt Chart

  • Sensitive Analysis Like Data Table, Manual What-If Analysis, Threshold Values, Goal Seek, One-Variable Data Table, Two-Variable Data Table

  • Filters (Basic, Advanced, Conditional), Sort (Ascending, Descending, Cell/ Font Color), Conditional Formatting, Data Validation, Group & Ungroup, Data split.

  • Pivot Table and Charts, Import and Export data, Protect/Unprotect sheets/workbooks. Worksheet formatting and Print Display

  • Report Development – (Live Project)

Module 2-   DASHBOARD & VBA / Macros Programming Objective

Dashboard Reports Allow User to Get High-Level Overview of the Business and Help Them Make Quick Decisions. Dashboards are Often Called as Management Information System (MIS), Which Provides Information that Organizations Require to Manage Themselves Efficiently and Effectively.


  • To Define KPIs (Key performance Indicator), Customer Service Dashboards or Project Management Dashboard (Gantt  Chart)

  • Dashboard Reports Based on Tables and Number or Charts/Graphs or Both.

Introduction to Programming Introduction to logical thinking flowcharts & algorithms:

  • Define Objective, Start & End Points; Identifying Solution & Breaking it Into Sequential Steps Writing a

  • Step-by-Step Instructions, Flowcharts, Process Flow Diagrams. Excel Macros – an Introduction

  • Complete Review of the VBA Language (Subs, Functions, Variables, Arrays, Loops, Logic…etc.)

    • Excel Macro Language Review (VBA) Including Variables, Data Types, Constants, Arrays, Operators, Expressions, Loops, Logic Decisions And Calling

    • Overview Of Commanding Excel Using VBA Including A Discussion Of Objects, Properties And Methods

    • The Power of Macros – What, When, How to use Macros. Introduction to Object Oriented Programming

    • Objects, Its Functions, Methods and Properties Introduction to Events

    • Details of Events, How & When to use of Events, Preparing to ‘Macro’ Visual Basic Editor (VBE) – Developer Tab, Security

    • Introduction to the VBE, Properties window, Project Explorer, Password Protection of Code How to use the VBE – Features, Options, Intelligence Technology

    • Debugging Mode, Bookmarks, Breakpoints, Watch Window, Immediate Window and Locals Window Inbuilt VBE Help Feature – Tips and Tricks

    • Form Controls vs. ActiveX Controls Getting into the Code

    • Message Box and Input Box Working with Data in Excel through VBA

    • Data Types, Constants and Variables

    • Different type of data type; How and When to use Variables to Store Information.

    • For-Next, For-Each, Do-While, Do until, Do Loop Decision-Making and Code Branching

    • If-Then-Else, Select-Case, And/or Nested Conditions

    • What is user’s Defined Functions? How to create & use them.

    • Use of Arrays in VBA programming with one dimensional, two dimensional or multi-dimensional analysis

  • Excel VBA Power Programming For VBA Macros

    • Working with Dynamic Ranges. Protecting Worksheets, Cells and Ranges. Working with Multiple Files. Opening & Saving Files

    • How to Analyze Data On Multi Worksheets And Build Summary Sheets

    • How to Access The Windows File And Folder System To Open And Close Workbooks

    • How to Protect Your Code Against Errors

    • How to Use Excel And VBA To Create Basic Dash Boards

    • How to Create Your Own Custom Business Worksheet Functions In VBA

    • How to Create Basic Report Generation Tools Using Excel VBA, Microsoft Word And PowerPoint

    • How to Use The Excel Visual Basic Macro Recorder To Record Excel Tasks In VBA And Then Interpret The Code

  • Overview of Using User forms To Create Business Wizards

    • Working with User Forms & User Forms Events like List box, Combo box, Option Buttons, Check box, Text box, Labels, Command button, Toggle button.

    • How to create dynamic dashboard on user form with different controls

    • How to link various user form with each other to create a complete interface between user and system

  • Connection between Excel VBA & other platforms

    • How to Establish Connection Between VBA and Internet Explorer to Open any Internet Website through VBA

    • How to Establish Connection Between Excel VBA and power presentation to create power point through VBA

    • How to Establish Connection Between Excel VBA and Access database to update the data in access through VBA

    • How to Establish Connection Between Excel VBA and outlooks through VBA

    • How to Establish Connection Between Excel VBA and MS Word through VBA

  • Testing and Debugging Your Code

  • Effective Error Handling

  • Automation Development Reports & Live Projects

Module3 – MS – Access & SQL

Introduction to MS – Access, Create Query, Tables and relationships, Basic Queries Using SQL

MS- Access

  • Basic

  • Import & Export  the Data from Various Sources & files

  • All 9 Quires

  • Left Join | Inner Join | Right Joins

  • SQL Expressions Terminology


  • Basic

  • DDL | DML | DCL | DQL

  • Import | Export | Joins | Truncate

  • Database keys

Please find the course and fee details.

Classes & Course can be Designed/Customizes Per Request

Batch Timings –
Days Class Available Between    Class Duration   Course Duration  
Monday to Friday   09:00 to 10:30 PM    2 (Hours)  1.5 Months
Saturday & Sunday 09:00 to 10:00 PM  2 (Hours)  2.5 -3 Months
Sunday 09:00 to 10:00 PM  2 (Hours)  4 – 5 Months  

Enrollment Process-

Once we Received the payment will ,Training will be started within 1-2 working days. 

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” Something that I was looking out for. Knowledgeable and well paced trainer. The learning environment, may be the Online batch or the real time discussions with the candidates from various industries, is something which I enjoyed the most. Thanks ASIAWEBMEDIA” –
Madhiha Khan, Accountant, Check me on download

” I could see the difference in me when I joined the course just as a beginner or rather I would say the novice to the Excel and now when I am able to apply the advanced excel features at work. I appreciate ASIAWEBMEDIA for his real time and personalized approach. It was good. . God bless ” –
C.Jagan Mohan Rao, Senior Manager, Check me on download
Indian Bank

” I appreciate the comfort and ease with which Trainer trained us on Excel features & its applications. It was indeed a great training. Thank you to my friend who shared his training experience with me and my team which inspired us to opt for the course. Excel is truely a big ocean” –
A.Rajasivasubramanian, Check me on download
Heidelberg India Pvt Ltd

” After undergoing this training, the things which I use to take 15-20 hrs, now I am able to do it in just couple of minutes. It made me to understand the importance of structuring the worksheets, organizing it and you have some wonderful analysis in your hand.” –
Yageswaran.K, Finance Manager, Check me on download
Synaptris Decisions Pvt Ltd

” Very good trainer, clear, precise and to the point. His knowledge on various processes in different areas gave us big time exposures on the real time applications on excel. Good learning environment..”
Dhilip Babu, Senior Process Manager, Check me on download

” As a trainer I think you have done an excellent job as you have been able to teach some of the most complex scenarios in excel is a very simple to understand way and have also provided us ways in which to refer back to what was taught if at any point in time it actually slips our mind for not using a particular formula etc. I really appreciate the training you provided as it has immensely helped me in my job. Thanks.” –
Rajiv Manchandia Check me on download

“I really enjoyed and learned a lot with your excellent training in a short period. Really it helped me a lot in my work place. Thanks a lot and wish you all the best !” –
T.Ganesan, Check me on download
Durr India Pvt Ltd

“Hi ASIAWEBMEDIA, Just wanted to say thanks for setting up these great courses. The Excel VBA class was great, its helping me to automate a great deal of tasks at work and learning Access has been good as well.”
Sunej Varghese, Check me on download
Citi Bank, Mumbai

” The course was well paced dealing with the practical use of Excel. Concepts were made pretty simple to understand as well as to remember. Thanx to ASIAWEBMEDIA & Team”
Krishna Kumari, Senior Manager, Check me on download
Everonn Education Ltd

” Thank you ASIAWEBMEDIA, for clearing my all excel related doubts with so much of patience and also teaching us with ample shortcuts. Would like to share with you that, I am now using Excel to the most possible extent at my job.” –
T.Gayatri Check me on download

” I enjoyed the Corprate level of training and now I feel so confident to handle any amount of data at work.”
Thanks to ASIAWEBMEDIA & Team !

” ASIAWEBMEDIA, You are an excellent TRAINING FIRM. You taught us all the key things that we need to know about excel and explained it very cleary and gave enough time to practice it at the time of training itself that actually helped us a lot.”
Srikumar, Check me on download
Advance Excel Training

” This is a great training workshop, and it substantially enriched my knowledge. I am implementing the same in our company. It has also boosted my career profile. The instructor was very knowledgeable.

The course really added to my knowledge.I was specially happy with the instructor.i really aprreciate that the instructor went out of their way to help us out and answer all our queries.

The training program had the right balance of relevant theoretical inputs and hands-on practical exercises. It was well structured

My special thanks to the instructor.”
R.Rathish, Check me on download
Advance Excel Training

” The training was excellent with examples of simple logics. This is really helping me in my day to day work to save time. Thank you for the same.”
K.Ganesan Check me on download
Advance Excel Training

” The training was great! I learned lots of great tips for creating macros on my own that will save me time.

Thank you for making me feel so comfortable in training! “
R.Gopal Check me on download
Deal Analyst, HP ES

“My experience with ASIAWEBMEDIA was really good. Being a MIS executive only with the help of the advanced excel course i am completing my targets on time. Trainer used to tell me to apply whatever has been taught at work and only then it will be worth – Its very true indeed ! I appreciate him extending the sessions inspite of the cost and the time shortage only to make us clear about the subject. Had a great learning ! ” –
Gayathri Pillai Check me on download

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Our training interface and software supports two way conversation which help candidates to clarify their doubts by asking questions to the trainer during the training classes with the use of headphone and mic.

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