Business & Franchise Opportunity

Franchise Details:
1. One class room with AC + One counselling room with computer, phone connection and internet connection with drinking water & wash room.

2. Requisite manpower to run the organization.

3. Hiring manpower Support will be given initially to start with.

4. The franchisee is totally responsible for the satisfaction of the student and any queries from the students at licensee end will not be answered / entertained by the licencor.

5. Our banner and Logo will be displayed as per norms.

6. A franchisee can take admission only in the forms given by the ASIAWEBMEDIA.

7.The FRANCHISER can extend support to the Franchisee on the below training programs.

8. An agreement with detail terms & conditions will be executed between both the parties.

9. A non – refundable franchisee fees will be collected by the ASIAWEBMEDIA at the beginning of the agreement / operation i.e 100000 (ONE LAKH ONLY)
(valid for 1 year and subsequent renewal with terms and conditions)

10.  No Commission / percentage on fees will be charged only with the registration / admission fees taken from the candidates at the time of admission or re-admission.

11. No Commission will be charged based on the gross fees collected from the candidates.

12. Franchisee’s name and phone number with address will be added in our sites (blogsite and our site and subsequent sites)
and all the communication is to be made via email preferably

13. Marketing support and promotion through SMS, bulk email, online marketing.

14. visiting cards & leaflets & study material printed by franchisee.

15. Continuous support and feedback.

16. An application along with complete biodata, address proof, voter id card, 2 copies passport size photograph should be submitted along with franchisee  fees 100000 only (valid for 1 year and subsequent renewal with terms and conditions).


Franchisee Business Module (FAQ)
With 15 years experience under our belts in a successful Indian franchise business we have been asked many, many questions, addressed a multitude of concerns, helped untangle worries and been part of countless exciting business planning exercises with our franchisees and we would like to share some of the more common questions and ideas:

Q:What is the initial Franchisee fee?

A:Normally ASIAWEBMEDIA Franchise will cost you more than One Lac (1, 00,000) rupees to become an ASIAWEBMEDIA Franchisee and authorized training partner. This fee will include the cost of starting materials, set-up information and Registration charges etc.

Q:How much do I invest if I have to become an ASIAWEBMEDIA Franchisee?

A:On the initial stage the cost of acquiring the premises and computer, furniture and others will directly born by franchisee. If you are already running your centre then there is no investment is required.

Q: How much space do I need to set up an ASIAWEBMEDIA centre?

A: The centre requires 350-1000 Sq. Ft. of carpet area to start at any floor. The property title should have legal permissions for running a computer training centre. The building should be neatly maintained and should have an environment appropriate for running an educational institute.

Q: Who is an ideal Franchisee?

A: The Franchisee should be in the age group of 25-45 years, with at least a graduate degree. Engineers and people with an IT background will be preferred. We expect the Franchisee to be devoted exclusively to the ASIAWEBMEDIA business.

Q: How much is the royalty?

A: ASIAWEBMEDIA is not charging any royalty on your gross collections. The fees collected from students and other revenue sources will directly goes to franchisee account. ASIAWEBMEDIA will only working on very nominal fees towards the student’s registration and examination fees.

Q: What is your viability and profitability record?

A: We are proud to go through all our financials as part of Step 3 in our Expansion Face to Face Meeting and you can see out track record and how much profit you can and will make.

Q: What will I need to do to succeed?

A:Take a look in our About You tab – there is a great check list of actions we know will ensure you succeed – our top franchisees follow these tips day in, day out and they are reaping the financial rewards big time.

Q: What Levels of training and support will I get?

A:We love training, many of the team are trainers in their particular field – in fact we are training mad! Have a look at our Training & Support tab and you will see you are trained at every stage of your development

Q: Does it matter if I am not a ‘technical’ person?

A:Not at all – whatever technical or marketing questions your clients ask the ASIAWEBMEDIA Support team always have the answers and skills to back you up. You can therefore concentrate on getting in front of as many local businesses as possible to build your revenue.

Q: What are the courses, duration & Fees?
a) HR GENERALIST       (Class Room Course Fee 17500, Duration: 1 month)
b) ACCOUNTS,TAXATION & Statutory (Class Room Course Fee 17500, Duration 1.5 month)
c) MIS & DATA ANALYTICS (Class Room Course Fee 17500, Duration 1.5 month)
d) DIGITAL MARKETING (Class Room Course Fee 25500, Duration 1.5 month)

Q:  What is the total Investment to start this business?
A:  Total Investment approx. 2 Lacks to 4 lacks initially.

Q: How much, I can earn in this business?
A: After reducing all the running expenses, u can earn between approx. 50k to 1.5 lack a month initially.

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